Once Science Fiction, Then Online Companions, Can Virtual Agents Now Improve Your Support Model?

Until the last couple of years, the topic of “AI” still conjured thoughts of science fiction for many. Now it’s becoming the buzziest of everyday terms. In our new white paper Will Virtual Agents Improve Your Support Model? we take on a key application of AI, as Dale Clark provides an easy-to-comprehend explanation of the technology underpinnings of a virtual service agent (VSA). Within, he also gives some useful guidance on using these technologies to support the IT service model.

The dynamic interaction between computer software and another entity is no longer the stuff of fiction. It’s real, it’s here to stay, and as we move beyond simple decision tree interactions — towards the deeper adoption of natural language processors, deep learning and voice recognition — many technology leaders are seeing the value of AI in their IT workflow. In our paper, Will Virtual Agents Improve Your Support Model?, you’ll find various useful tips, including ways to train a VSA to improve over time. If you’re interested in learning more about how the fantastical concepts of AI’s past are helping actually expand opportunities for the future of business, give it a quick read