Enterprise Service Management and the Employee Experience: The New Frontier in Digital Transformation

Conversations in the C-suite of just about every business focus on how to harness the power of today’s digital tools to drive growth, improve the bottom line, and improve the customer experience. However, as competition to hire top talent heats up, they are also looking to fund initiatives that focus on employee experience and retention. They know that, as Gallup reported, employees are less likely to bolt if they are engaged and thriving.

These forward-thinking executives face some sobering realities. We are in a seller’s market for talent, and unhappy or unfulfilled employees have more opportunities than ever to take their expertise to another employer— almost at will. Executives are just now beginning to understand that collaboration, personalization, flexibility, fairness, and providing a stimulating work culture are as crucial as pay-rate, health benefits, and workplace tools.

Enter Enterprise Service Management (ESM)

Digital transformation is an enormous step in the right direction, streamlining applications, and digital intelligence across the entire business. Enterprise service management (ESM), for example, almost immediately enhances employee experiences. Today’s ESM tools focus on internal services that feel more like a real customer service encounter. These can drive efficiencies by ceding control of some issues to the employee such as password reset, HR inquiries, purchase or repair orders, and answers to their questions. These experiences are further enhanced if modeled on the kinds of services they seamlessly enjoy in their personal lives, such as mobile ordering, remote deposits to their bank, or using a chatbot to get further assistance.

Get Ahead of Employee Frustrations with Easy to Access Service C-Suite executive in and out of IT are finding that It just makes sense to let the tech-savvy employee do some of the “heavy lifting” with a comprehensive, intuitive service catalog and AI-driven chatbot. It makes them more productive and keeps engagement high. For some, the promise of digital transformation is ongoing and encompasses the entire business platform. Even more, ESM and AI solutions can win the day with better employee engagement and retention. It’s time to learn more about how to transform your employee’s experience with ESM.